Aircraft Flight Deck

The Bell 505, is the first helicopter in its class to feature a fully integrated glass flight deck through the use of the Garmin G1000H flight deck. This system provides unparalleled crew situational awareness and reduces pilot workload, resulting in enhanced safety levels and mission capabilities.


The Bell 505 crew station provides superior crew visibility from wrap-around windscreens and a wide field of view during takeoff, cruise, and landing.


The Bell 505 features interchangeable dual 10.4" flat panel high-resolution LCDs for Primary Flight Displays (PFD)/Multi-Function Displays (MFD).

Garmin G1000H Avionics

The base Bell 505 G1000H flight deck system includes:

  • Engine Instruments on PFD/MFD with Power Situation Indicator (PSI), Engine Indication System (EIS), Fuel Flow, Fuel Temperature, and Automated Power Assurance Check
  • Single VHF COM/NAV/GPS with WAAS,
  • Mode S with Extended Squitter (ES)
  • ADS-B Out
  • Digital Map
  • Flight Planning
  • Flight Monitoring
  • Video In
  • Aural Alert
  • Inter-Communication System (ICS) with Recorder / Playback, 3.5 mm jack to plug in your portable audio devices


The Bell 505 G1000H flight deck system can be optionally equipped with:

  • Synthetic Vision
  • Helicopter Terrain Avoidance Warning System (HTAWS)
  • Second VHF Com Radio
  • Traffic Advisory System


The Bell 505 was designed and equipped with ergonomic controls in mind. It features pilot approved:

  • Proven cyclic controls to allow training pilots to apply their muscle memory to larger aircraft.
  • Collective mounted switches for engine throttle control, providing for immediate engine response.
  • Adjustable pedals for superior pilot comfort.